You may or may not have noticed, but we’ve been up to something these last few months.  If you’re following along with us on Instagram and Facebook, you have noticed that we’ve announced some bright new bottles. We have also changed our Facebook name to reflect both of our brands -- Bruce Cost Ginger Ale and Brooklyn Crafted.

While most of you are probably familiar with Bruce Cost Ginger Ale (it’s been around since 2010), you are probably not as familiar with little sister brand Brooklyn Crafted that launched last August.  We’re on a mission to correct that.

Have questions?  We’re here to help.

Q: What is Brooklyn Crafted, exactly? 
A: Brooklyn Crafted is currently a ginger beer line utilizing all-natural ingredients and unique flavor profiles that makes one heck of a cocktail.  A brand created with real ingredients for real drinks.

Q: How does Brooklyn Crafted differ from Bruce Cost?
A: Brooklyn Crafted is the spicier, drier, less sweet counter-part to Bruce Cost and has more simplistic flavor profiles.  Bruce Cost offers slightly less spice and more artisanal flavor profiles.

Q: How are they similar?
A: Both Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Ale and Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer are small batch, hand-crafted, unfiltered sodas utilizing top quality ingredients from around the world. 

Q: What is the difference between ginger ale and ginger beer?
A: You can read more here.

Q: Will I still be able to buy my favorite Bruce Cost flavors?
A: YOU BET!  We’re not eliminating anything from the Bruce Cost line, simply adding to it.

As all companies tend to do, we’re evolving as we grow.  The re-launch of Brooklyn Crafted was done thoughtfully and we’re so excited to introduce the brand-new packaging! We started with a new logo to pay proper homage to our Brooklyn roots.  From there, we’ve incorporated color profiles to accompany all the ginger beer flavors.  We then threw in a few new sizes and flavor profiles just to keep things interesting.

We’ve got quite a bit up our sleeves (including the brand new, exotic juice line reTREAT) and are excited for you to join along on the adventure.

Marcia Hu