Transitioning into a new year can be very liberating.  For most people, it’s a time of renewal and a time to reassess goals—health, personal and professional—and a time to create yearly bucket lists.  How great do you feel when you’re able to check things off those lists?  Pretty darn good, we imagine.

As connoisseurs of ginger, we think one of your goals should be to consume more ginger and here’s why:

·       Ginger is among the healthiest herbs on the planet
·       Ginger has been used to help digestion, reduce nausea and help fight the flu & common cold
·       Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

To be fair, maybe you consuming more ginger is one of our goals, but as previously mentioned, if health is one of your goals, it’s pretty clear ginger could help you out. 

While our ginger ales all contain pure, unfiltered ginger, there are so many other healthy components that you could certainly benefit you.  For starters, we only use all-natural ingredients.  In fact, our Original Bruce Cost Ginger Ale only has 4 ingredients: carbonated water, pure cane sugar, fresh ginger and a touch of citric acid.  The flavors build from there and include the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich Pomegranate with Hibiscus, Passion Fruit with Turmeric, and Jasmine Tea varieties.  Looking for less sugar?  We’ve got you covered with our 66, which is a 66-calorie variety sweetened with both pure cane sugar and monk fruit; monk fruit is a zero-calorie sweetener that contains antioxidants and has zero effect on blood sugar. Lastly, but not to be forgotten, is the Blood Orange with Meyer Lemon which is killing the Vitamin C & A game.

While the health benefits of our dazzling ginger ales are not to be missed, the quality deserves a moment in the spotlight too.  We source our global ingredients at their peak harvest season from the geographical region where they’re grown best. This includes Ginger and Whole Leaf Jasmine Tea from China, Whole Leaf Hibiscus from Egypt, Passion Fruit from Ecuador, Turmeric from India and Blood Orange & Meyer Lemon from Napa Valley, CA.

What does that mean for you?  Top quality ginger ale and the first check on your 2018 bucket list.

Marcia Hu